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Planet Wellness Foundation has joined forces with the most well known "Wellness Experts" nationwide.  The "Wellness Experts" are highly sought after speakers in each state who are providing all Lunch and Learn topics at no cost to each location.

Lunch and Learn...

What is a Lunch and Learn? A Lunch and Learn is an educational event for your employees scheduled over the lunch hour. It is an informal way to present timely health education topics. Employees can bring their lunch and eat during the program; however, providing lunch can be an incentive to attract your employees. The Planet Wellness team will always provide healthy snacks for the employees to enjoy.  We will always try to provide a healthy lunch when the funds are available.

Since your employees are the  drivers of your health care costs, the education you give them will have an overall impact on your bottom line health care costs.

All of our lunch and learn programs are provided in 30 minute, 45  minute, or 1 hour sessions. Longer sessions are provided based on request and availability.  Each topic is interactive and very informative.

The Planet Wellness team will create flyers customized for your company. These flyers should be given to all employees, placed around the workplace, and announced via email.

We always have topics available to coordinate with the health topic of the month!  Please ask for the list of health observances.


Stress Buster 101- Revitalize your life

Some experts say that 50% of chronic disease is stress related.  We look into what makes our lives so stressful, how to recognize good stress from bad, the warning signs you need help, and how to find balance in an out of balance world.
The Stress Buster 101 course is designed to motivate, inspire, and challenge all employees to take charge of their stress!  The Stress Buster tips will inform, and educate employees on creating a stress free lifestyle for the workplace as well as home!!!

All employees will receive:
Stress tips, Buster exercises, healthy snacks, customized Health Risk Assessments,  certificates of recognition, and one on one Q&A consult.

Nutrition 4 Life

The Nutrition 4 Life program is a great course designed to create healthier eating habits, inspire lifestyle changes, educate on all dimensions of healthy eating, and reinforce the importance of "GOOD CHOICES vs. BAD CHOICES"! 

Surviving in the Fast Food Lane

How to maneuver yourself in our hectic and high calorie environment so you can eat out and still manage your weight.  Tips on eating in: You may find it's faster, tastier, cheaper, and less stressful!

This program has been known to help create weight loss immediately!

All Employees will receive:
Healthy snacks, nutrition 4 life survey,  recipe cards, nutrition 4 life tips, meal plans, healthy habits worksheet, certificate of recognition, customized Health Risk Assessments, private one on one Q&A,   and Inspiration to implement a program right away!!!

Fitness 4 Life

The Fitness 4 Life program is a great course to implement in the workplace.  This program is designed to motivate all employees to take charge of their health through exercise!  Not only will every employee be educated on the importance and benefits of exercise for overall health, but they will leave with plans, tips, and motivation to implement the program into their daily lives!  Employees will learn the do's and don'ts of fitness 101, the "Real" reasons to exercise, and the knowledge to start on the right foot!

All Employees will receive:
Exercise tips, healthy snacks to enjoy, fitness 4 life survey,  fitness plans, certificates of recognition, customized
"HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENTS, private one on one Q&A,  and the will power to start their plan of action the same day!!!

The Injury Free Workplace

The injury free workplace is a course designed to meet the demands of the employer, and to educate the employees on injury prevention.  Every company could have an injury free workplace, if the employees were educated on the correct preventative exercises.  Employees who attend this workshop will leave educated on how to operate in the workplace to prevent health hazards!

All employees will receive:
Injury prevention tips, Injury Prevention exercise sheets, healthy snacks to enjoy, injury prevention survey, customized Health Risk Assessment, private one on one Q & A, and the "Know How" to prevent all workplace injuries!!!

It's about Time...  Time Management in the fast paced world

Ever wish you had more time in the day? This interactive session will help you learn the tools and techniques to make better use of the time that you have and work more efficiently. Wish you could just delete your entire in box? Learn to prioritize and get your "To Do" list accomplished! Focus and finish those things that are most urgent and have time for the things that are important.

All employees will receive:
To Do Lists, Goal Sheets, Healthy Snacks to enjoy, Time management expert tips, management exercises, certificates of recognition, productivity survey, customized health risk assessment, and private one on one Q & A consult.

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